Roses are Blue English

     Roses are Blue, 2014

    Diet van Velzel 2014


Twelve tales just as true as roses are blue  …

but with real mischief and sin in them!



 About the book

Roses are Blue is a collection of short stories often containing fantasy elements. You will come across different story types: modern Christmas story, ‘classical’ myth,  science-fiction tale, (seemingly) romantic fairy tale, cautionary tale, animal fable and coming-of-age story. Combinations also occur. 

The ages of the main characters vary. The youngest protagonist is about 12 years old, the oldest past middle age.

Life plays with each character in a different way and teasingly puts them where they don’t want to be. There is a bizarre kind of logic to their destinies. Hidden beneath a fast-moving story line there is a number of recognizable themes like, in random order, class differences, climate change, waste disposal, too little/too much ambition, obesity, arrogance, sexual orientation, getting pregnant, getting wrinkles, crime and (no) punishment, an a couple of (pleasant) obsessions. Solutions to certain problems may seem realistic and unrealistic at the same time.

Roses are Blue is for young adults and adults; also suitable for intermediate and advanced learners of English. The tales vary in degree of difficulty. None of them are for beginners. Some are fairly easy, like ‘Gimmy’s Christmas’ and ‘Mousy Hair’, while others, for instance ‘Done Deed’ an ‘Fair Play’, are much more of a challenge.

About the author 

Diet van Velzel is Dutch and lives in Rotterdam. She used to teach English and the English language keeps intriguing her. Her stories, just like her drawings an paintings, often give reality a strange twist. For more information go to: or mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beschermd tegen spambots. JavaScript moet zijn geactiveerd om het te bekijken.

Roses are Blue - twelve tales

Diet van Velzel, 2014  

 ISBN 978-90-807509-0-6   10.-

Roses are Blue is available for free as a download from most e-book stores e.g. iBooks and Amazon. 

You can download it directly here from


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